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Japan was a feudal country run by a warrior class called Shoguns before modern times turned Japan into a manufacturing powerhouse known for its high quality exports. Quality cars, quality electronics and top level customer service makes everything coming out of this country consistently rated top in the world. But there is a breed of modern day Shoguns still alive and very well today. The hard swords of yesterday combined with the soft skin and beauty of today make Japans Shemale Shoguns one of the richest resources this island nation has ever possessed.

Shemale Shoguns #2 | Scene 1 Shemale Shoguns #2 | Scene 2
Shemale Shoguns #2 | Scene 3 Shemale Shoguns #2 | Scene 4

length: 108 minutes
Director: ED HUNTER
Release date: May 17, 2010
Studio: Third World Media/Asian Eyes