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Everybody remembers Americas favorite little pets with hair that grows green as you water them. Well, we have a new kind of pet that grows when you stimulate it- It is called the G-G-G-Gia Pet. Gia and her friends are easy to use and fun to play with… Splatter some Semen around and Watch these Ladies Grow!!!

Gia Darling has been off camera for a while but is back. She is soaking in the tub while rubbing her fat titties with some soapy suds as she introduces us to our first Gia Pet-

Wanessa Waitzel (cover girl) is tall and tight with dark hair and a healthy rack with perfect suntan lines. Behind her bikini bottoms rests a man-ass eating, white Brazilian python with a meaty set of nuts attached. Her face is pretty and very girlish, but her man friend prefers to make-out with her more manly feature; her thick foreskin coated penis. He licks and sucks her tip, delving into her foreskin walls with his tongue. He pays homage to her cock for a long time, swallowing the entire thing, balls and all. She opens her mouth wide for him to fuck the inside of it, before spreading her wings and letting him bottom out in her shitter. She does the samba on his knob and fucks his cock with her ass while he strokes her bird. He bends her thick Brazilian booty over and licks it out before cramming it from behind. She talks dirty to him as he interchanges his cock with 3 fingers in her shit chute, which opens wide as he cums all over its rim. He crams it back in and out of her gaping hole, before she flips him over and does a bit of the same to his ass. She works his cock hard again, as she drills his ass and yanks his hog. She than slams his ass super hard (all bareback of course) before pulling out and creaming all over his bright white buttocks. The two jump in the shower and take their time getting clean as he uses both his tongue and cock to extract his cumload out of her anus.

Gia is still lathering up her giant tatas in the tub as she introduces another one of her Pets to us-

Luciana is very tan, with dark hair, dark eyes and dark oversized aureola as well. She is sporting a very dark ball bag and penis tip that peaks from behind her even darker foreskin curtain walls. She is a sexy girl with a thick butt and a huge appetite for man ass. Her tits are natural and beautifully shaped with very active nipple tips. Her and her boyfriend join forces through the tips of their penises that bury themselves deep within each others foreskin. He swallows her skinny ding dong and she does the same to his fatty; getting the entire thing deep down her throat without any use of her hands. Her cock stan ds at attention as she readies his anus for a plunging. She fucks his ass and strokes his dick in RCG and spoon, before hopping on his meaty member and getting her thick butt cheeks pounded. Her tiny cock is as stiff as it can be, as she gets slammed in multiple positions before whacking out a creamy one on her dark mid section. He pulls out of her ass and squirts a thick one all over her mouth and chin. The 2 head to the shower to wash all the sticky stuff away.

Gia has a lot of dirt she needs to wash off of herself. As she continues to soak she tells us all about…..

Mel is a suntanned blonde with a skinny frame and a thick juicy ass. She is all natural with hormone tits and a hairless wang. Her nut sack is as tan as the rest of her and her sun-baked hog measures in at a moderate 5 inches. She gets her ass eaten out and her cock sucked by her boyfriend, before he pulls his own out to challenge her to a battle of the uncut swords. They rub their cocks together before she sucks his entirely up with her mouth and then with her thick anus too. Her wang points straight at our camera as her ass gets stuffed full of cock. She puts him on all fours and uses her big hips to thrust her cock in and out of his ass. He grunts like a pig as she power strokes his shitter. He gives it to her one last time and blasts her in the face with a massive load of cum. She sucks the rest off his hog before they jump in the shower together to wash up.

Gia is about as clean as she could possibly get now and very warm and sassy feeling too. Her last friend is-

Amanda is young, thick and very wild too. She has long curly hair, huge tits, thick ass, tattoos down her body and a cock that most real men could only wish for. Her package is long, thick and very hard, and should easily qualify as a concealed weapon of ass destruction (sic). Her boyfriend got a big one too, but not nearly as big as hers, as they size each other up by fitting each others tips inside the others foreskin. They lock cocks and swap pre-cum around, before he sucks any remaining pre-jizz straight out of the tip of her cock. He can barely get her tip inside his mouth, but does a nice job licking her shaft up and down like a fresh well ripened Brazilian banana. She slaps him in the face with it and then spreads his wings to split his bung with her fat shlong. She long shafts his ass before she hops on his to take a final wild ride. Her massive third member whirls around like a helicopter and flops up and down pounding him in the chest as she tops him in cowgirl. She lays back, taking his shaft while working up a large watery wad all over herself. He pulls fresh out of her ass and gives her exactly what she wants- a thick cum glob sprayed directly in her mouth and across her face. She towers over him in the shower as shafts are soaped and assholes are scrubbed clean.

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G-G-G Gia- Just add cum and watch them grow!!!!